How to know which one is right for you…

There are many benefits to both coaching and therapy

They each have similarities and strengths

They can work well together or separately

You may feel that you are stuck in a rut with traditional therapy and would like to try something new

The type of treatment plan you receive often depends on your therapist, counsellor or psychologist and the topics or theoretical perspectives that they specialize in

When it comes to addressing serious medical concerns or significant traumatic events, Soul Pretzel recommends therapy and the guidance of a healthcare professional

This is especially important for in-depth healing of traumatic childhood experiences, physical or sexual abuse, and the diagnosis of mental health conditions

We do not offer any form of clinical diagnosis or prescription for medication

Here’s how Soul Pretzel can help you…

  • Soul Pretzel focuses on where you are now and where you would like to be regarding emotional, mental and physical wellbeing
  • Soul Pretzel creates a hands-on toolkit for you to use in you day to day life to make managing anxiety or depression easier and more comfortable
  • Your coach will teach you sensory modulation techniques and cognitive reframing exercises to manage triggers, panic attacks, waves of depression and stress
  • You will learn how to use nutrition as a healing tool, even while enjoying yummy things like pizza and chocolate cake (because life is for living)
  • We will tailor-make a programme that fits your specific needs, and help you to empower yourself so that you can once again feel like life has hope, joy and meaning
  • We do our best to offer flexible hours, affordable packages and plenty of free resources, as well as sessions times of 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes
  • We aim to create a relaxing comfortable vibe and can adjust to accomodate sensory or neurodivergent needs such as audio-only, one-way video, text message only
  • We can send visual aids or other helpful tools such as audio pep talks or recordings of each session to refresh your memory and help you stay on track with your goals

Learn more about safe, natural solutions for healing…

We can discuss how you are feeling about your current mental health, the impact your mental health is having on your day to day life, and practical healthy ways to manage symptoms or side effects

We can also recommend safe and approved natural supplements and vitamins, Ashton Method taper programmes, and nutrition-based healing programmes if you feel that you are ready to consider a more holistic alternative

Your wellbeing and safety is our top priority

We encourage you to make informed decisions based on solid professional research, and to seek advice from a healthcare professional if needed