WHY I’m a coach

I guess the reason I’m here is because I’ve been in your shoes

I could give you a list of the things I studied at college: behavior, brain development, social interaction, psychology, anxiety, depression

I could write ‘Bachelor of Applied Science (Psych)’ and ‘Diploma of Psychology’ next to my name to make myself sound super fancy and smart

Because I did study those things, and I do hold those qualifications. The only person who cares is my Nana

The truth is, those textbooks and professors didn’t teach me even half of what I know about life or people, or going through hard and painful experiences

A textbook can only teach you so much

The real learning curve is when life throws you in the deep end and you can barely breathe

I know what it’s like to feel as though you’re broken or stuck, and as if life is always going to be like this

I’ve spent the last 11 years battling my own anxiety and depression, trying all kinds of things to keep my head above water so I could handle going to work each day or simply be able to drive to the grocery store

I know exactly how it feels to have the color sucked out of your day to day life by anxiety or depression

I know how it feels to be afraid to go to sleep at night, but also to crave sleep

I understand what it’s like to feel lonely but also feel like you can’t handle having people around you

And I know how isolating it can be to hear well-intentioned health professionals or loved ones say things like:

‘Have you tried meditation?’

Or ‘You just need to take a deep breath’

And ‘Stop overthinking… you just think too much’

It can make you feel so alone

Many of these people have never had a panic attack in their life

Many of them have never known what’s it’s like to feel like everything around you feels hollow or overstimulating

But I’ve been there, and so have the other people who helped create the tools for Soul Pretzel

Most of the pages in the Soul Pretzel Anxiety E-book were literally written while I was having a panic attack

During those dark moments I started to take note of what did and didn’t work to help me shift out of that shadow

I began to pay attention to the things that really helped to get someone back on their feet when it felt like nothing else was working

So I hope I can bring a little of that hard-earned experience to our coaching sessions

I hope I can help you to feel really truly heard and validated by someone who gets it

I wanted to create a space for people like us where tools and online support could be found in an easy-to-access location

Free and affordable options, minimal waiting lists, pick-and-choose resources to shape a plan that fits your specific needs and goals

As we work together and get to know each other, I hope I can create a safe space for you as you grow, empower yourself and finally find the tools for change and healing that work for YOU specifically

It’s such a liberating moment when you start to experience good days again, and begin to have less weight on your shoulders after years of being in survival mode

You deserve to live a full and happy life, and I’m here to help make that happen

I guess the reason I wanted you to know all this, and to share a little of my journey with you, is because I want you to realise that I’m right there with you in the trenches

You’re not alone in this. And there’s a way out of the mud pit

I’m ready when you are…