About Soul Pretzel

Soul Pretzel is a resource hub for healing, empowerment and hope

People from any walk of life, ethnicity, gender or identity are welcome here

Most tools on Soul Pretzel focus on helping with anxiety, depression, insomnia or stress

But if you’re struggling today and need to talk to someone, please click here

It can feel isolating when you’re going through something deeply personal, but keep finding mental health advice that seems so impersonal, left-brained, or one-size-fits-all

So we’ve gathered personal stories, colorful resources, wisdom from different cultures, videos created by those who have been in your shoes & practical ideas to make life easier

While there are some really serious topics explored here, Soul Pretzel also sprinkles in a little humor to remind you that there can still be joy during our darkest experiences

Make yourself at home, feel free to look around

Life is going to unfold in beautiful ways, things are going to be even better than you can imagine

So take that first brave step